2014 Cadillac ELR

ELR is the provocative embodiment of imagination and inspiration. An uncompromising luxury coupe for those who ask, "What’s next?" For those who recognize the possibility of "what if" and dismiss the thought of what can’t be done. It’s for those who seek opportunities to move the world forward. And who believe that only by working hard are we able to experience the best life has to offer. Introducing the all new 2014 ELR. With its forward-thinking technology and forward-leaning design, Cadillac ELR is an original thought in a sea of conformity and our most advanced luxury coupe ever.


  • Cadillac ELR exterior view.
  • 2014 ELR extended range electric coupe rear view.
  • Cadillac ELR luxury electric coupe exterior design side view.


The task was daunting: Take the celebrated Converj concept vehicle, and turn it into reality. The all new 2014 ELR, with an advanced electric drive system and onboard generator powered by gasoline, stayed remarkably true to its original inspiration. Cadillac ELR is the perfect balance of Art & Science and the latest example of our fearless approach to automotive innovation.

  • 2014 ELR luxury electric vehicle LED headlights.


    The signature, light-blade vertical headlights combine classic styling with modern technology. Each contains four projector lenses powered by LEDs, individually precision-engineered for enhanced nighttime visibility as well as efficiency.

  • Cadillac ELR electric coupe tail lights.


    The twin LED light-blade tail lights are not only meticulously detailed with classic styling and the etched Cadillac script but also brilliantly engineered to enhance aerodynamics.

  • 2014 ELR grille shutters.

    ACTIVE AERO GRILLE SHUTTERSActive Aero Grille Shutters automatically close at highway speeds to maximize aerodynamics and open at lower speeds when additional cooling may be required.

  • 2014 ELR luxury electric coupe front grille panels.

    FLUSH UPPER FASCIA GRILLE PANELS The 2014 Cadillac ELR slices through the air with little resistance. The flush front fascia seamlessly incorporates the modern take on the iconic Cadillac grille while simultaneously aiding the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

  • 2014 Cadillac ELR 20 aluminum rims.


    20" wheels were a must. But stunning looks wouldn’t be enough. So we stiffened the rims to reduce noise and vibration and added low rolling resistance tires that boosted efficiency while also balancing comfort and handling.

  • Hidden door handles shown of the 2014 Cadillac ELR.


    Every detail was considered in the quest for efficiency. Recessed, nearly invisible door handles look dramatic and provide the ELR profile with unbroken lines, giving the wind little to hold on to. Adding to the advanced thinking, touching a small pad located on the inside of the door handle is all that is necessary to open the door.


  • Cadillac ELR interior steering wheel and driver controls dashboard.
  • Driver steering the 2014 Cadillac ELR.
  • 2014 ELR luxurious interior design.


The cut-and-sewn interior of the all new 2014 ELR is a destination unto itself. An open door reveals an exquisite oasis of elegance and information, providing touches that rival those of the finest homes. It’s proof that technology does indeed have a luxurious side.

  • 2014 Cadillac ELR luxury electric coupe electronic cup holder cover.


    An ingenious electronic cover opens with just a touch when you need the cupholder and conceals it when you don’t, keeping the area free of dust and debris.

  • 2014 Cadillac ELR driver select instrument panel.


    Four driver-selectable instrument panel display modes provide unique information to enhance the driving experience. Choose from Classic, Classic Enhanced, Modern and Modern Enhanced.

  • Cadillac ELR premium interior materials.

    A COMBINATION OF FIVE STUNNING MATERIALS. The art of craftsmanship lives and breathes within the Cadillac ELR, where five complementary materials were specifically chosen to provide a feeling of harmony: burl grain Olive Ash or Laurel wood, genuine carbon fibre, sueded microfiber, finely stitched premium leather seating surfaces and satin chrome accents. The dramatic layering of textures creates a luxurious sanctuary with style.

  • Cadillac ELR luxury coupe interior ambient lighting.

    MOOD-SETTING AMBIENT INTERIOR LIGHTINGA sleek line of LED lights softly illuminates the luxurious details of the interior cabin.

  • Cadillac ELR with Bose Active Noise Cancellation audio system.

    BOSE® ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATIONHear only the sounds you want to hear. Bose Active Noise Cancellation continuously monitors and measures cabin noise and sends out acoustically opposite signals via the audio system to reduce this unwanted sound.

Cadillac ELR luxury heated seats.


Back and forth is a good start, but the all new 2014 Cadillac ELR luxury coupe offers 18 additional ways to adjust the driver’s seat. With a total of 20 seating positions when you choose the available ultra-premium Opus semi-aniline leather, customized comfort is taken to another level.


When you enable the auto-heated seats, ELR will sense when it’s frigid outside and activate as soon as you start the vehicle.


  • 2014 Cadillac ELR Electric Drive System.

    The electric drive system elicits an immediate response. Press down on the accelerator when the vehicle is at a standstill and you’re greeted with instant torque and the smooth, shiftless acceleration of electric drive.

  • 2014 ELR luxury coupe onboard generator.

    Unlike conventional electric vehicles, the Cadillac ELR features an onboard generator powered by gasoline that produces electricity to charge the drive system, so you always experience the feel and performance of electric drive as well as the ability to travel with no boundaries.


The technological centrepiece of the all new ELR is an advanced electric drive system that features an onboard generator powered by gas that helps provide you with unlimited travel opportunities.

  • 2014 Cadillac ELR advanced electric drive performance.


    The all new ELR is first and foremost an advanced luxury coupe, but it also has to perform at the highest level. Continuous Damping Control adjusts damping at all four corners every two milliseconds to maintain optimal vehicle ride control over varying road surfaces.

  • 2014 ELR personalized charge times.


    You decide the best time to charge. Using the multi-touch CUE1 or the available OnStar® RemoteLink®3 mobile app, you can customize your charging mode as well as the charging level. You can even program the charge based on off-peak rates or your next planned departure. Lights on the side mirrors pulse green while the battery is charging and go dark when charging is complete.

  • Regen On Demand feature of the 2014 Cadillac ELR luxury electric coupe.

    POWER ON DISPLAYThe CUE1 system received ELR-specific enhancements, allowing you to monitor power flow, select when and how your vehicle is charged, and stay informed on every aspect of energy usage—all through a full-colour, high-resolution screen.

    You can do all this with just a touch, flick or swipe of the screen. In fact, CUE comes to life when it senses your hand is near and provides feedback vibrations to let you know it is responding to your command.

  • 2014 ELR luxury electric coupe Power On Display.

    REGEN ON DEMANDTMOperating the dual-side paddle controls located behind the steering wheel provide regeneration on demand, simultaneously slowing you down while putting energy back into your battery.

  • Cadillac ELR hold drive mode.

    CHOOSE YOUR MODE OF TRANSFORMATION. Switch between four distinct drive modes:Hold ModePuts the battery’s charge on hold—saving it for later. Ideal for those who want to save electric range for stop-and-go city driving, thereby enhancing efficiency.

  • 2014 ELR tour drive mode.

    CHOOSE YOUR MODE OF TRANSFORMATION. Switch between four distinct drive modes:Tour ModeUses the energy stored in the battery before seamlessly transitioning to the onboard generator powered by gas if and when you need it. This default mode is optimized for comfort and efficiency.2

  • 2014 Cadillac ELR sport drive mode.

    CHOOSE YOUR MODE OF TRANSFORMATION. Switch between four distinct drive modes:Sport ModeAdvances the throttle response and tightens the steering calibration and suspension settings to heighten responsiveness and feedback.

  • 2014 ELR mountain drive mode.

    CHOOSE YOUR MODE OF TRANSFORMATION. Switch between four distinct drive modes:Mountain ModePreserves electric power for climbing long, steep grades.


Cadillac ELR safety cage.


It’s nice to know your car is looking out for you. A sophisticated network of radar sensors and cameras are constantly at work within and around the all new 2014 Cadillac ELR, monitoring speed, lanes and objects in its path.

  • 2014 ELR Safety Alert Seat


    Intuitively sends pulses through the seat cushion on the left or right, or simultaneously, alerting you to a variety of potential hazards as well as the direction they’re coming from.

  • Cadillac ELR luxury electric coupe with OnStar


    Standard for three years. Includes Automatic Crash Response.

  • 2014 ELR Side Blind Zone Alert

    LIKE HAVING A SECOND SET OF EYESAvailable Side Blind Zone Alert4 uses radar that sweeps the side of the ELR. If a vehicle enters your blind spot, an icon on the outside rearview mirror warns you of its presence.

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert functions in much the same way, except the sensors sweep the area behind and to the sides of the vehicle, warning you of oncoming vehicles. This available safety feature provides added confidence when backing out of parking spots.

  • Cadillac ELR extended range electric vehicle Adaptive Cruise Control

    ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROLAvailable, full-speed Adaptive Cruise Control5 uses information from the car’s front radar and other sensors to maintain a selected following distance to the vehicle ahead.

    Included with Adaptive Cruise Control are Automatic Collision Preparation and Intelligent Brake Assist. These features not only provide a progression of alerts, but also will apply brake pressure, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop, if necessary, to help avoid a collision.

2014 Cadillac ELR robust safety features.


The Cadillac ELR was designed with a number of features that help provide confidence while you drive.

Lane Departure Warning monitors road lines and alerts you if you begin to drift into another lane without using your turn signal.

Front and Rear Park Assist are ideal when pulling into a parking spot at low speeds as the systems sense stationary objects and warn you if an object is too close.

Forward Collision Alert uses front camera technology to detect when an impact may be imminent and lets you know of the impending danger.


Cadillac Shield warranty protection.


We set out to create the ultimate customer experience. The result is Cadillac Shield, and it backs every vehicle we sell. From innovations like Remote Vehicle Diagnostics and advanced mobile apps to our Premium Care Maintenance program, Cadillac Shield gives luxury owners everything they need.

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