• 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Steel Grey Metallic

    Steel Grey Metallic

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Onyx Black

    Onyx Black

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Stealth Grey Metallic

    Stealth Grey Metallic

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Summit White

    Summit White

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Fire Red

    Fire Red

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Quicksilver Metallic

    Quicksilver Metallic

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Mocha Steel Metallic

    Mocha steel Metallic

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Sonoma Red Metallic

    Sonoma Red Metallic

  • 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck in Heritage Blue Metallic

    Heritage Blue Metallic


Professional Grade means professional maintenance. That's why we offer a complimentary 2-Year/40,000 KM Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance.


There's no secret about what you need from a pickup — strength, power, vast hauling capacities and an impeccable record of reliability. And there's no secret why the GMC Sierra 2500HD retains such a loyal following among serious truckers — because of its exemplary work ethic, building on GMC's more than 100 years of truck–building experience.


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The Sierra 2500HD is the very essence of Professional Grade confidence. It is engineered from the ground up to handle a heavy workload effortlessly. That “can–do” attitude affects every aspect of the truck, beginning with the exterior that is as unabashed in its look as it is in its capabilities.

2014 Sierra 2500HD bold exterior styling in Quicksilver Metallic
2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty truck fully boxed frame.


While GMC's engineers were focused on strength, they also ensured that ride quality wasn't sacrificed. Both objectives were accomplished by the sturdy, hydroformed, fully boxed frame that uses high–strength steel to increase structural rigidity, resist bending, twisting and shaking. This helps isolate road noise and contributes to Sierra HD's smooth driving dynamics.

Sierra 2500HD heavy duty truck front grille view


Sierra 2500HD has a brash look that is instantly recognizable. A series of styling cues reinforce its rugged character — from the chrome grille surround and chrome bumpers to the available 20–inch polished aluminum wheels.

GMC Sierra 2500HD assist step


Form and function come together with GMC's sturdy, rust–resistant assist steps, available in chrome or powder black finishes. They help you gain a more secure footing when entering and exiting the cab.


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Sierra 2500HD really comes into its own with a trailer in tow. That's when its tenacious qualities come to the fore — under the most severe loads. It isn't only the capacities that are certain to impress, but also how it helps you manage that load most efficiently.

GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty truck towing and hauling


Talk is one thing — the facts back up Sierra 2500HD's promise of remarkable capabilities. It's the truck that's built for the kind of loads your business requires: The maximum conventional towing capacity is 5,897 kg (13,000 lb.).1 The maximum 5th–wheel towing capacity is 6,668 kg (14,700 lb.) with the Vortec V8 gasoline engine and 8,074 kg (17,800 lb.) with the Duramax® V8 Turbo Diesel.1 Payloads capacities range up to 1,911 kg (4,212 lb.)2


Sierra HDs feature technologies that help you keep a trailer under your firm control. The standard trailer sway control system detects trailer sway and responds by automatically activating individual truck and/or trailer brakes and reducing engine power, if necessary, to bring the trailer back under control and keep it on your intended path. The available integrated trailer brake controller measures brake force and applies the trailer brakes, as needed. The level of brake force or “gain” is displayed on the Driver Information Centre, while the controller itself is activated by a switch mounted on the instrument panel.


A heavily loaded truck places an added burden on the braking systems. Sierra HDs answer that demand with advanced braking technologies. The standard six–speed automatic transmissions include a grade braking feature that downshifts automatically when you apply the brakes on a downhill grade. This not only helps slow the truck — it also reduces brake wear. The available Duramax 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel also features a push-button exhaust brake that closes the engine's turbocharger vanes, creating back pressure that serves as an engine–brake, creating negative torque to help slow the vehicle. The result is reduced transmission and brake wear.


The more you rely on a trailer, the more you'll appreciate the available Trailering Special Equipment Package. It includes a series of heavy–duty, trailer–ready features that increase the ease of trailering. The package includes: a trailering hitch platform and 2–inch receiver with 2–inch adapter, a 7–wire harness with independent fused trailering circuits mated to a 7–way sealed connector, a wiring harness for aftermarket trailer brake controller, a single wire for a centre high–mounted stop light.


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Power meets reliability under the hood of the Sierra 2500HD. Both the standard 360 horsepower Vortec 6.0L V8 gasoline engine and the available Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel are proven powertrains with a record of ironclad reliability. You can call it durable performance — and it's an essential component of GMC's Professional Grade engineering.

2014 Sierra 2500HD heavy duty pickup truck towing power and performance


The standard Vortec 6.0L V8 gasoline engine incorporates a series of features and technologies that either boost output or enhance durability. Variable Valve Timing adjusts the opening and closing of valves to optimize torque output and fuel efficiency. High–flow cylinder heads enable increased output without the high compression ratios that require premium fuel. Durability features include polymer–coated pistons and the cam–in–block architecture that uses fewer moving parts. The Vortec V8 is teamed with the heavy–duty Hydra–Matic six–speed automatic transmission that uses a wide range of gear ratios, from an exceptionally low first gear to a sixth gear that delivers a very tall overdrive.


It's the tireless performer — the available Duramax 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel generates a formidable 397 horsepower and 765 lb.–ft. of torque. All that peak torque is available at 1600 rpm — just above idle — giving you the pulling power you need to get enormous loads moving. Beyond its output, the Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel and Allison® 1000 Series six–speed automatic transmission combination has established an enviable service record, with more than 1.3 million units acting as a testament to their surefire reliability.


The Allison 1000 is specifically engineered to handle the high–torque loads of the available Duramax 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel. The transmission isn't adapted from a light–duty unit — it's based on Allison's heavy–duty commercial and military applications. Tap–up/tap–down shifting, a smart exhaust brake, auto grade braking and tow/haul mode features are all included with the Allison 1000.


Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab is available with flexible and economical Bi–Fuel CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) capability. The Bi–Fuel–capable Vortec 6.0L V8 engine makes seamless transitions between CNG and gasoline to help you manage fuel costs — and minimize environmental impact.


Sierra 2500HD's smooth ride is the product of the fully independent adjustable torsion bar front suspension and 3–inch wide multi–stage rear leaf springs, which engage progressively as the load in the bed or on the hitch increases.


No other competitor in its class offers an available fully automatic locking rear differential for on– or off–road use. It delivers added traction by sensing a difference in speed between the left and right rear wheels and then locks the wheels so they turn in unison.


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While capabilities are of paramount importance with a heavy–duty pickup, Sierra 2500HD adds two other qualities to its spacious cabs — comfort and convenience. Sierra HDs: helping you get the most out of your truck — and the most out of your day.

2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD dashboard and controls
Sierra 2500HD front seat storage compartments


Take your comfort to the next level with the available SLE Interior Package. It features a power six–way driver's seat adjuster and dual–zone electronic climate controls. A USB port3 and an up–level sound system round out the package and help you round out your days behind the wheel.

2014 Sierra 2500HD interior


Sierra Crew Cabs offer the enhanced versatility of an available 60/40–split folding rear seat. Fold it down when you need room for passengers, or fold it up for additional cargo space.

2014 Sierra 2500HD pickup truck connectivity technologies


Sierra HDs help you connect to people, information and entertainment while on the road, with a range of available technologies. Standard Bluetooth®3 wireless technology for compatible smartphones lets you make, answer and end phone calls with a tap of the control buttons on the steering wheel. The available SiriusXM Satellite Radio™ 4 offers 120 channels of programming, including commercial–free music, plus a wide range of sports, news, talk, comedy and entertainment choices. The available DVD–based 178 mm (7–in.) diagonal touch–screen Navigation System5 provides detailed 2D or 3D map graphics with turn–by–turn directions, as well as a built–in 80 GB hard drive with pause and play capability for live broadcasts.


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Safety takes many forms with Sierra 2500HD. Driver control technologies, occupant protection features and the standard OnStar® system all contribute to your peace of mind.

2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD heavy duty truck safety airbags


The StabiliTrak® electronic stability control system compares your steering input with the vehicle's actual direction. When wheelspin is detected, the system makes small, individual brake applications to help you stay on track or return to your desired driving line.


OnStar and six months of the Directions & Connections Plan are standard in all Sierra 2500HD models. It includes Automatic Crash Response that automatically alerts OnStar, enabling an Advisor to send emergency responders to your precise GPS location — even if you are unable to do so.


Sierra 2500HD features driver and front–passenger airbags. Front seat–mounted side–impact airbags7 and head curtain side–impact airbags7 are also standard to provide added protection for you and outboard seated passengers.


Sierra 2500HD's Tire Pressure Monitoring System8 monitors all four tires, letting you know if the pressure falls below recommended levels.